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Feb 14, 2015

Posted by: Editors


ESAA Athletics Awards

As of 2015 JAVR will be adopting the ESAA awards structure to encourage and reward our Junior members.  These awards, back by England Athletics, set benchmarks for various events as set out below and are split into Primary, for school years 3 to 6, and Secondary for school years 7 and above.

The events we will focus on to begin with and the benchmarks set by the awards are listed below but others may be added in the future.

Primary Awards:

    50m Sprint    75m Sprint    400m Distance    600m Distance   
  Years 3 & 4 5 & 6 3 & 4 5 & 6
Boys Gold 8.9s 12.5s 1m35s 2m30s
Silver 9.6s 13.5s 1m45s 2m50s
Bronze 10.3s 15s 2m5s 3m20s
2 12s 17s 2m30s 4m30s
1 14.8s 21s 3m20s 6m
Girls Gold 9.2s 12.8s 1m40s 2m40s
Silver 9.9s 13.8s 1m55s 3m
Bronze 10.6s 15.3s 2m10s 3m30s
2 12.2s 17.3s 2m30s 4m30s
1 14.8s 21s 3m20s 6m


Secondary Awards:

    100m Sprint    200m Sprint    800m Distance    1500m Distance   
Boys Gold  13.4s 28s  2m38s  5m25s 
Silver  15s  31.6s  3m5s 6m15s 
Bronze 17.5s  37s  3m40s  7m10s 
Girls Gold 14.7s  31s   2m55s 6m10s 
Silver  16s 35s  3m20s 7m26s 
Bronze 18s  38s   4m10s 9m