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Jan 29, 2017

Posted by: Editors

The 2016 JAVR awards.

Our first set of awards are for the JAVR club championship.  This awards points based on performances in both the JAVR2k League and the Wiltshire Junior Race League.  The best four scores from each league are combined for the club competition and then trophies awarded to the top scorer in a range of age groups based on school years.

The 2016 winners were as follows:

JAVR Club Championships Awards 2016

Boys Yr 2-5 – Dylan Neale

Competed in 12 of the JAVR2K runs where he consistently finished in the top 10 and in the top 3 AVR boy positions. Not only did he win the league but he also set more PB’s than any other competitor – and that was 7 times out of 11 races. His current PB is now 7:56 which is an improvement of 39 seconds over the season. He ran 7 of the 8 WJRL runs and was in the top 5 AVR runners in three of these. He was runner up in his U11 category in the Wiltshire Junior League with 534 points, which earned him a Wiltshire County silver medal. With a combined score in his best 8 races of 775 ...... 

Girls Yr 2-5 – Lottie Brown

Competed in 10 of the 12  JAVR2K races and was 3rd girl overall in three of these. Set four PB’s throughout the season, lowering her PB by twenty seconds to 8:09, and finished as 4th girl overall. She also broke the G9 record on four occasions, and currently holds the G7, G8 and G9 records. Ran in all eight of the WJRL races, the only girl to do so, and was in the top three AVR girls home in five of these. She was the winner in the WJRL U11 category and finished 4th overall with a total of 571 points that earned her a Wiltshire gold medal. With a combined score of 789 points from her best eight races..........

Boys Yr 6-8 – Leo Harris

Competed in all 12 of the JAVR2K runs and was in the top five AVR boys in the majority of these. Set five PB’s throughout the year, one after the other between February and June, and now has a best time of 08:12, which is an improvement of twenty nine seconds. Finished in 3rd place overall in this league but on the same points as second place. Ran four out of the eight WJRL runs and was in the top ten AVR runners in all of these. He has a combined points total in his best 8 races of 760.........

Girls Yr 6-8 – Freya Buglass

Competed in all 12 of the JAVR2K runs this year, finishing 1st girl overall on two occasions and was in the top three girls overall on nine occasions, and finished the league as runner up. Set three PB’s during the year, lowering her time by 28 seconds, and in the process set new G11 records three times. Ran 7 of the 8 WJRL runs and finished as 1st girl in four of the seven. She was first girl overall in the WJRL and therefore won her U13 category with 595 points and earned herself a Wiltshire gold medal. With a combined total score of a perfect 800 ....................

Boys Yr 9-10 – Niall Thorne

Competed in 7 of the JAVR2K runs, finishing in the top three in every one of these. Set two PB’s during the course of the season, lowering it to 6:50. He ran in all 8 of the WJRL fixturesfinishing first on three occasions, second on a further four and third in the remaining one. He won the U17 category with 597 points and received a Wiltshire gold medal.With a combined score of a perfect 800 from his best eight races......

Boys Yr 11-12  – Josh Whitfield Lott

Competed in seven of the JAVR2K races and set PB’s in two of these, lowering his current PB by twenty one seconds to 7:43. Competed in several of the WJRL fixture, always finishing in the top ten. With 679 points from his best eight races the winner is.........

Girls Yr 11-12  – Ellie Isaacs

Competed in the JAVR2K this year setting a PB by 40 seconds, and lowering her PB to 9:01. Competed in six of the WJRL races and finished in the top ten in each of these. She won the WJRL U17 title with 545 points and earned a Wiltshire gold medal. With a combined score of 486 points......


The second set of awards focussed on more subjective criteria and took the working group considerable deliberations to come up with the final winners.  It was very difficult in some cases as there were strong candidates to consider following another successful year of competition.  

Several of our award categories were sponsored by local forms and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the following for their support:

  • Places for People
  • Maristow Chiropractic Clinic
  • Priority IT
  • Town & Country Estate Agents

The winners and categories were:

Most Improved Boy:

In the October of 2015 this runner clocked a personal best at Southwick Parkrun of 27:30. Fast forward to December of 2016 and he ran a new PB of 22:57, knocking 4 minutes and 33 seconds off his parkrun in just over a year. To be running almost 1 minute per km quicker than he was 14 months ago, is a remarkable improvement and a testament to how hard he has worked. He regularly trains on a Wednesday evening and has improved to such an extent he has started now training with our Monday group as well. His running form has improved massively and he has become a far more efficient runner. He has regularly competed for JAVR in the monthly 2km, parkrun and in Junior Wiltshire Road League fixtures. The level of running in this family is getting more and more competitive by the week and the winner of this award is getting better and better and should be very proud of his personal improvements this year.

Winner – Josh Thorne

Most Improved Girl:

This runner has an incredible year and has gone from strength to strength. She trains on a Monday and Wednesday with JAVR and continually impresses me with her work rate and her speed endurance. She has competed in JAVR 2km, parkrun, Wiltshire road race league, County track championships, GWENT XC and competed for her School. She has several outstanding results in 2016 and a few of these included:

  • Reducing her parkrun from 26:04 in September 2015 to 22:29 in November 2016.
  • Placing 10th at Bridgend & 11th at Brecon in the GWENT XC League
  • She ran 21:41 at Yeovilton 5km and from that performance was ranked 38th in the Country over 5km in the girls under 13s categories in 2016.  

Finally, to cap off a remarkable 2016 she was selected to compete for Wiltshire at the South West XC Championships and has since been selected to compete in the National Inter Counties in March. I have her high hopes her for this year and believe she has the potential to become an outstanding runner.

Winner – Orli Cranston

Best Training Attitude BOY – Primary: sponsored by Places for People

This young lad has great enthusiasm for running and really shows this at training week in week out. He is a joy to coach as he really enjoys running and training. I also think his energy, motivation and personality really brings something to the group and helps create a fun environment for young people to be around in. He always puts in maximum effort into training and tries very hard to improve. He is keen to learn and he gives himself every opportunity of developing with the effort he puts into training and the way he communicates with the coaching team. His attitude in training has transferred over into racing as well and he has had some fantastic results including:

  • Competitive runs in the 3 GWENT XC fixtures
  • Clocking 22:03 for parkrun
  • Finishing in second place at the Winscombe fun run.
  • Running 2:06 for 600 metres at the County quad kids event and running 2:56 for 800 metres at the Windsor, Slough & Eton Open track meeting. This is the only runner I have ever seen sprint up to the start line of an 800 metres race as he was so excited to compete and sums up his enthusiasm for the sport.
  • Outstanding effort at are you faster than a 10-year-old where he went sub 8 minutes.

This lad is young but already starting to run some great times. His attitude and enthusiasm for running can take him a long way.

Winner – Dylan Neale

Best Training Attitude -Secondary BOY: sponsored by Places for People

An attribute I admire in young athletes is those that understand the sport they are competing in and take an interest in why they do the training they do. I think a greater emphasis should be placed on educating young athletes to have a higher running IQ. It is very refreshing as a coach that the winner of this award is someone I consider to have a good understanding of training. He is very aware of what he is trying to achieve and manages to brilliantly juggle his swimming and running commitments as part of a hectic schedule. He concentrates hard during running sessions, focuses on warming up effectively and is increasingly aware of the paces he is training at. He is very fit and trains on both Monday and Wednesday evenings. He has run some fantastic times across a range of distances in 2016. Examples of how he has used his fantastic training attitude to achieve great results include:

  • 1500 metres - 5:15 at the County Track Champs
  • Yeovilton 5km – 19:40
  • Club 5km Championships  -Sub 20 minutes and showed how tough he was.
  • JAVR 2km

It is great to see the improvements this lad has made this year as a runner and I look forward to seeing him push on and run even quicker times this year and compete in bigger and more competitive races.

Winner – Callum Whithers

Best Training Attitude – Primary Girl: sponsored by Places for People

This young runner is a very talented sports woman and as well as being a talented runner is a county standard cricket player. Her attitude to training is excellent, she never complains, works hard, and has a lot of potential. She quietly gets on with whatever sessions are set and is always polite and friendly when speaking to the coaches and is a very coachable runner. She has a nice and relaxed running style making it look effortless. She regularly trains on Wednesday evenings and competes in the JAVR 2km, parkrun, school cross country and local race fixtures. Last year she ran a new parkrun PB of 25:11 – a time she has already beaten this year running 24:50. She ran 9 JAVR 2km races in 2016 and ran 3 PBs including an 8:58 which was a 38 second improvement on her best time from 2015. She is another runner who I think has a huge amount of potential and with the mindset she has developed through her cricket and running she has many of the attributes to be a very good sportswoman.

Winner – Lola Harris

Best Training Attitude Secondary Girl: sponsored by Places for People

Best training attitude isn’t just about how long you have been running or racing with JAVR. It is also very much about how an individual applies themselves in training and the winner of this award was new to JAVR in 2016. She has settled into the group well and engages with her club mates well and again is very polite, friendly and approachable and these personal qualities speak volumes about her. She has shown a lot of maturity in both training but also with arrangements for training and racing. I think this could be a real runner to watch out for in 2017 as with regular competition and more confidence in the ability I know she has, she could run well in local league fixtures this year.  

Winner - Izzy Stapleton

Best Race Face BOY: Ethan Bolter

Best Race Face GIRL: Lottie Brown

Most Effort Boy: sponsored by Priority IT

I remember the first time I met this lad. He came along to the Christmas 2015 session I did at Bath University and I think he found the session tough. What has stood out for me in 2016 is his perseverance and how motivated he is to improve. He has become fitter, more confident, tougher and quite simply a much better runner in a short period of time. In December 2015 he ran 23:21 at parkrun and only 10 months later he had improved to 20:52. This result is of significant importance as it underlines how far he has come in a short period of time and gives him household bragging rights over 5km and he is very happy to be sat at the top of the pile ahead of his Mum and Dad now! He has come a long way since December 2015 and in less than a year he has won the under 13s Wiltshire Junior Road Race League, came 2nd in his schools cross country and ran 3 PBS in 3 JAVR 2km races, knocking 38 seconds off his 2015 time and earning him a new PB of 7:53. 

He has competed in a wide range of schools events, Gwent cross country and local competitions. He has twice clocked 2:50 for 800 metres at both the County Track Championships and also at the open meet in Berkshire. This award is based on effort and for everything he has put into his running in 2016 and how hard he has worked to improve I think he is a very worthy winner and someone who should be very proud of his achievements in 2016. 

Winner - Dan Wood 

Most effort GIRL: sponsored by Priority IT

The term blood, sweat and tears is the best way to sum the winner of this award up. She literally leaves everything out there when she races and will go through agony to do as well as possible. She is a very competitive young runner and trains on a Monday and Wednesday and has competed regularly throughout the year. She puts a lot of effort into her running and has travelled far and wide to compete in races and regularly competed in Junior Wiltshire Road race league fixtures, cross country events, JAVR 2km series and County competitions.  She has had many stand out performances and won the Yeovilton junior fun run, won her 600 metre race at Swindon quad kids competition in a time of 2:03 and showed good all round ability at the jumps, throws and sprints. She ran in the JAVR 2km on 10 occasions in 2016 and managed 4 personal bests and knocked 20 seconds off her best from 2015 to have a new PB of 8:09. She has competed in GWENT XC fixtures and Bath Tri Counties and has shown good ability at cross country and on 2 occasions secured 11th place finishes. Her outstanding achievement in 2016 being the first girl in the under 11s category in the Junior Wiltshire Road Race League. This again demonstrated the effort she put into running and the consistency of her performances across a range of events.

On a Monday evening I do an endurance timetrial 1 x per month. On the final session of the year we did this as a handicap event and clearly the reward of chocolate brings the best out of her! She knocked 40 seconds off her 2km time reducing her best for the course from 9:19 to 8:39. It hasn’t always been easy for her in 2016 and she has had a few injury problems to deal with. Hopefully we can keep her fit in 2017 and we can continue to see her develop and progress to be the outstanding runner I think she can become. On a personal note I am very impressed with her effort she has put into her running and I hope she can now transfer this over into cooking me an apple crumble as she promised me this about 6 months ago and still hasn’t delivered!

Winner - Lottie Brown

Mo Farah Award:

So 2016 was another amazing year for Mo Farah winning the 5km/10km at the Olympics and this lad followed suit with another year of impressive results. This award is highly regarded by the committee and the winner needs to be a bit like Mo and have run good times across a range of distances. This lad certainly has done this and has real speed in his legs and can run a real range of distances. In my eyes, he is our “unofficial junior captain” and I have a huge amount of time for the way he is with his clubmates and I think he is very good towards our younger athletes. He ran 2:23 for 800 metres at both the County Track Championships and at the Open Windsor, Slough & Eton open meet. He has improved over 5km with a PB of 18:26 at Aztec and running 18:41 at parkrun a 29 second improvement from 2015. He stepped up to run his first certified 10km in 2016 having previously only ran a similar distance once at the Westbury Lions 10km. To come 13th in a time of 40:18 at your first proper attempt over the distance is a very impressive 10km debut. At the start of 2016 he managed to place 11th in both the GWENT XC fixtures at Monmouth and Brecon against a high calibre of athletes. I have never seen anyone start a race like he did in Monmouth and at the time I was stood chatting to his Dad and we were both a bit concerned he would burn out and I believe the term “what an idiot” may well have been used by both of us! Clearly we didn’t know anything and he showed just how fit he really is. He has now started competing in the under 17s category and ran well at Bridgend and Brecon and has recently been selected to represent Wiltshire in the Schools XC. He won this award last year and I think 2017 could be a big year for him and with the right foc us, training and effort a sub 18 minute 5km is achievable.

Winner – Niall Thorne

Paula Radcliffe: 

The Paula Radcliffe award is for an outstanding female runner who has incredible endurance, puts a huge amount of effort into training and racing and is for a highly talented athlete. This runner was new to the club in 2015 but had been on our radar for a long time with her regular performances in JAVR 2km. She once again made huge strides in the JAVR 2km setting 3 x PBs in 2016 and knocking 28 seconds off her best time from 2015 to have a new PB of 7:26. In March 2016 she did something that no one in the history of AVR has ever managed to do – she won a Gwent League XC fixture in the novice girls category in Brecon. In October 2016 now competing in the girls under 13s category she managed a 7th place finish in the GWENT XC fixture at Bridgend. Although it isn’t her favourite distance she managed to claim a County Bronze in the 1500 metres at the County Track Championships and recently was selected for Wiltshire to compete in the National Cross Countries for Wiltshire in March. Her favourite distance is 5km and you can see why when she has ran 20:44 at the Trowbridge 5km, set a new PB at parkrun in 20:32 and ran 20:43 at Yeovilton 5km.

Despite these outstanding performances, her year is even more remarkable as she has had to manage an ongoing knee problem. We need to be careful with her as we need to allow her time to develop but there is no doubt that she is a very talented girl, she has a real engine on her and she makes training hard work for the lads as they try and keep up with her! 

Winner – Freya Buglass 

Resilience Award: sponsored by Maristow Chiropractic Clinic

New to 2017 is the JAVR resilience award. Running is an incredibly tough sport and sometimes you learn more about an athlete when it isn’t always going their way rather than when everything is going perfectly. I first became aware of this lad just before he turned 11 and I was impressed from word go of the raw speed he had. He started coming along to training a couple of years ago and put in some impressive performances. It is fair to say he has had a year that has been a bit hit and miss year with moments of brilliance and also some real frustrations. He has had a few events that haven’t gone to plan with his asthma playing up and his confidence being dented. However, he is made of tough stuff and kept plodding away even when he has found running really tough. He has twice managed to run sub 19 minutes for 5kk, clocked 4:57.3 for 1500 metres and came 3rd in the Junior Wiltshire Road Race League in the under 13s category. He also proved me wrong! I have been winding him up about his pace management since I met him, yet he was the only runner that guessed exactly his time at the JAVR watchless 2km race! Shows how little I know! His 5km PB of 18:50 in 2016 ranks him 127th in the country in his age category.

AS a coach sometimes you can relate to runners who you have had similar experiences with. In this case I know that feeling of how tough this sport can be, how frustrating it is and how hard to pick yourself back up if can be when it doesn’t quite go to plan. However, the thing that excites me more than anything is what this lad is capable of – he has the speed, the endurance and slowly but surely he is developing the tactical and mental side of the sport. When it all comes together he will run some outstanding times and I for one will be really excited to see this. 

Winner James Pickford

JAVR Bravery Award: sponsored by Maristow Chiropractic Clinic

New to the JAVR awards is the JAVR bravery award. As a club we often talk about brave performances, amazing PB's and incredible achievements but nobody can even imagine how brave and strong you have to be when your world gets turned upside down. Earlier in 2016 we heard some news that put life into perspective. One of our youngest members had been diagnosed with leukaemia and was very poorly. He has spent a lot of 2016 going back and forth to hospital for treatment and it has been a very tough year for him, his sister and his mum and dad. Despite all of this, this young lad has been remarkable and we have seen him come along to the monthly dash and run the 300 metre race. A moment that showed what a character he was came at the JAVR summer BBQ. He really hadn’t been very well but he came a long, tried the events and like all good younger brothers did everything he possibly could to wind up his sister! He is a special character and comes from an amazing family. His sister even had her hair cut to riase money for charity. We wish this young man all the best for 2017 and hope is health improves.

Winner – Luke Harding

Club Character Boy:

The club character award is for moments of muppetry! This lad has had plenty and seems to save them for Monday evenings. On one occasion, he was convinced he had lost an item of clothing at training and spent the whole evening going on about it and basically wanted me to cancel the session so we could find it! At the end of the session, all the juniors helped him look for it but to no success and he wasn’t best pleased with me that I wouldn’t allow him to run back the way we had came to find it. This was probably a good job as when we got back to the rugby club, there it was in the changing room where he had left it! He and his partner in crime Sam Beavertock on a separate occasion thought they would play a prank on the juniors on the way back from training. The lads decided to hide in a hedge and jump out on the juniors in an attempt to scare them. However, the prank didn’t quite go to plan as he cut his knee jumping out the hedge and hobbled back to training! He then spent the cool down trying to come up with a suitable cover up story so his Mum/Dad didn’t know he was messing around.

As well as being a real character he is a really nice lad and regularly helps out at 7-10’s, is a popular member of the training group and is a capable runner. He won a local fun run in the Westbury area earlier this year and I think he will continue to progress over the longer distances if he can stop talking for 5 minutes! 

Winner – Josh Whitfield Lott

Club Character Girl:

Moments of muppetry come in different shapes and sizes but very few athletes chose to do them at the County Track Championships! The winner of this award can really run, however I do have some concerns over her ability to count to 4! She competed in the 1500 metres at the County Track Championships in Swindon and kicked for the line a bit early………when I say a bit early, I mean 1 lap early! In all fairness to her many young runners would have stopped or given up at that point and paniced. This girl dug in and despite her legs feeling very heavy and being in a lot of pain she managed to place 3rd and earn a bronze county medal over 1500 metres. Afterwards she laughed and cried about it and I think she has become a better runner from it. I am confident to say that after plenty of practice she can indeed count to 4 now and will remember the 1500 metres is 3 and three quarter laps and not 2 and 3/quarter laps! She is a very talented girl and a pleasure to coach. 

Winner - Freya Buglass

Most Memorable Moment:

The first of the 2 x memorable moments that stood out for the committee happened in May of this year at Swindon. No it wasn’t Rich Newman managing to get the minibus stuck in the mud! It was the performances of our under 11s athletes competing in the quad kids competition as part of the County Track Champiosnhips. We decided in 2016 to place a greater focus on track events and really focusing on attending a few meets. Rich and Holly Newman really helped drive this over the summer and there efforts went a long way. We aren’t a track and field club but in the novice boys and girls competitions the category is quad kids, so they take part in 4 events (a sprint, vortex throw, LJ and 600 metre run). We had 8 juniors compete in the event and it was great to see so many junior athletes competing at a County event. Some of our older juniors had helped put on a practice event at Southwick Country park so the County event was the outcome from a whole club effort.

A really special moment for the club came in the last event of the day at the County Track Championships in the 600 metre race. Our juniors had put in some great efforts in events we don’t specialise in and then when the 600 metres came around our juniors showed just how competitively they can run at a County Standard competition. Stand out results included:

  • Lottie Brown won the 600 metres and came 3rd overall across the 4 events
  • Ben Hales led his race from start to finish
  • Callum Slade performed a tactical masterclass and sat on the shoulders of the 2 leaders and finished strongly to win.
  • Dylan Neale placed 3rd in a highly competitive race.


Winners – We would like all 8 participants from the club to come forward for there efforts in a great days competition:

  • Harry Jerram
  • Harvey Payne.
  • Ben McCalister
  • Lottie Brown
  • Scott Pickford
  • Dylan Neale
  • Ben Hales
  • Callum Slade


Most Memorable Moment:

A proud moment for us was the first GWENT XC fixture at Bridgend. Before I explain why it is such a proud moment I need to put a couple of things into context:

  • Engaging girls/women in sport and particularly competitive sport is very challenging.
  • As a club, we haven’t competed in GWENT for very long and the standard of GWENT XC is very high – I personally think that the level of competition and the depth of talent in those races is on a par with South West Cross Countries.
  • AVR – an emerging club rather than a big club. We are competing against bigger clubs with better resources, facilities, and far stronger coaching set ups. We had approximately 20 juniors compete across the various junior categories.


The first race of the 2016/2017 GWENT league was an amazing moment with 1 race really standing out – the girls under 13 race. To see 3 young talented girls go toe to toe with some of the very best runners in the area and for all 3 to finish in the top 20 was amazing. The girls really stepped up, delivered great performances, and grew as the race went on. They didn’t back down and the commitment they showed was brilliant. From a club perspective, to have 3 girls compete in the under 13’s who are all of a similar ability and are able to compete at a high level is really exciting. Their performance really gave me confidence in the programme we are offering and that the training methods/sessions we provide enable our athletes to compete against the best. The race will always stand out for me as a moment the club arrived in the junior division as we packed so well in terms of places. We are lucky to have a group of talented girls who want to run, enjoy each other’s company and could go to do great things. 

Winners – Sophie Moore, Orli Cranston & Freya Buglass

Best Newcome BOY: sponsored by Town & Country Estate Agents

I describe this lad as a pocket rocket. He is really quick, very competitive and demands huge amounts from himself.  He came 3rd in the under 11s Wiltshire junior road race league and ran 19:27 at parkrun. He has competed in numerous events ranging from JAVR 2km, to park run, to local race fixtures and cross country events. He came 17th at Bridgend and 18th at Brecon in the under 13s cross country and he is one of the younger athletes in that age category. He has won awards at Corsham 2km, clocked 5:10 for 1500 metres at the national prep school championships and has ran 7:15 at the JAVR 2km. He has been selected to run for the County at the National Inter Counties XC and has had a remarkable first year with the club. I am looking forward to seeing his progress in 2017:

Winner - Jack Webb 

Best Newcome Girlsponsored by Town & Country Estate Agents

When this girl first joined the club she was very quiet and I had no idea quite how talented she was. In her first year she has managed to run 22:03 for 5km, earning her a national ranking of 46th in the girls under 13s category. She loves running the 800 metres, sitting on the shoulders of the lead runner and kicking at the end. She has a really strong sprint finish and this was shown to great effect at the XC at Blaise Castle where she finished 11th overall gaining 5 places in the last 200 metres. She is be coming a good cross country runner and the experiences of GWENT XC will set her up really well for bigger races she plans to compete in this year. She trains on both a Monday and Wednesday evening and is one of our very talented under 13 athletes. I am looking forward to seeing her race craft develop in 2017, as I believe if she is prepared to out there and take races on she could achieve some fantastic results. 2016 has been a very impressive start from your winner:

Winner - Sophie Moore

Dedication to the Club:

  • Races regularly
  • Often sweeps JAVR 2km
  • Helps at 7-10s training sessions
  • A key member of the group – just don’t do any of your planned practical jokes!


Winner – Sam Beaverstock

Dedication to the club girl:

  • Has ran for the club in junior and senior competitions
  • Helped at club events
  • Often had to sit doing revision homework etc while we have committee meetings after training
  • Supported 7-10s sessions


Winner - Ellie Isaacs 

Coaches runner of the year:

  • 16:37 5km – 27th national ranking
  • 4:32 – 1500
  • 9:30 – 3km
  • Continually high standard of performance in GWENT XC, County Competitions and road races.
  • Awaiting confirmation of selection for SW mini marathon team. 
Winner - Max Davis

Runners Runner of the Year - Girl

As voted for by all of the juniors at the presentation event.

Joint winners - Sophie Moore & Freya Buglass

Runners Runner of the Year - Boy

As voted for by all of the juniors at the presentation event.
Joint winners - Niall Thorne & Dylan Neale

We wish all our junior juniors continued successes in 2017 and look forward to training and supporting you all throughout the year.