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This is where you all find all the useful information about Avon Valley Runners. Including contact details, training nights and venues etc. Please choose an option from the menu on the left.

Junior Avon Valley Runners Working Group

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Holly Newman - Junior Secretary
We all know of Holly’s sprinting prowess but she also has lots to offer JAVR! She is our youngest member of the committee  - and in fact makes the whole committee feel younger!
Since she has been on the committee, she has brought a fresh/vibrant way of thinking and is full of new ideas and ways to improve many aspects of what we do.
She also has a keen interest in the social side of JAVR, and she is already thinking of potential events in 2017.
She is a well respected member of the Club – by both Adults and Juniors.
Holly is keen to coach the training sessions and regularly helps to deliver the sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings.
Rich Ayling - Head Coach
Rich has been our head coach for over 3 years now.
He plans and delivers 2 sessions a week for the Juniors and also at least one 7-10 year old session a month.
JAVR has very much benefitted and continues to benefit from Rich’s extensive experience and knowledge within the sport
He personally provides training plans for several Juniors and our Senior runners too – Amongst this, he still fits in his own training and is one of the top athletes in the club
Amongst his qualifications, Rich is a Sports Coach UK Qualified Tutor, Level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor, GP referral Consultant and a Level 2 Football Coach!
He has been running with AVR since he was 13 years old!
Ian Isaacs
Ian is the main Honorary Club secretary. He has been part of JAVR working group since it established in 2012.
He started volunteering as Ellie was part of the club and wanted to ensure the junior side of the club had the same opportunities as he had enjoyed on the senior side.
He developed JAVR 2k points scoring system which is currently used.
Ian also Assists on a Wednesday night training at track
Ian – “the “engine room” of the club and does an awful lot of work behind the scenes which people probably never see
If there’s an IT or Spreadsheet task – Ian’s normally the man to sort it!
Chris Brown
Chris joined the JAVR committee at the start of 2014. Chris is our chief results processor for the JAVR 2K league – which includes the  results and league tables – if you want to know any facts about the JAVR 2K in 2016 then he is the man to see!
He also juggles this responsibility with being the current Wiltshire Junior road race secretary!
Chris supports the training sessions on a regular basis and looks after all the kit/equipment for the JAVR 2K – including ordering the sweets!
He also selects & orders all of the trophies which are given out at the end of the year!
All 3 of Chris’ daughters have been a member of JAVR!
Pete Slade
Pete has been on the JAVR committee for 3 years. He naturally took an interest in the development of JAVR when both his sons Luke and Callum joined the club.
He helps Rich to deliver the training sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings and classes himself as nothing more than Rich’s glamorous assistant!
Pete is the resident Editor of the JAVR News and helps with registration at the Gwent XC fixtures
You’ll normally find Pete on the end of a stopwatch – Whether it be at Time Trials or at the JAVR monthly 2K event.
Clare Wood
Clare looks after the kit for the Juniors, (not one of the easiest of tasks!),  this involves ensuring there is a selection of vests and T-shirts in all sizes.
Within the main club, she is also looking at other options for kit, which hopefully will come to fruition in 2017
She also helps out with general organisation for the club, training sessions when required and try to support athletes at as many fixtures as she can.
She has done some sterling work in obtaining sponsorship for the awards
Clare joined the committee a year ago as she has a huge interest in sport and running in-particular. Seeing everyone getting PB’s and push themselves makes her proud to be part of the junior club.
Rich Newman
Rich is JAVR’s resident nutritionist and scholar of useless facts!!
He is a very popular member of the club and boasts many great sporting achievements – including being the egg & spoon champion in 1975 & 1976 at his school
Rich helps to deliver the training sessions on a Monday and a Wednesday evening. He also takes Senior training sessions also in-between all of this!
Monday evening training wouldn’t be the same without Rich’s interesting facts and quiz’s!
Helen Tipple
Helen is involved in helping to deliver the monthly JAVR 2K events: setting up, giving out prizes to the under 10s and handing out finish tokens for the 2K race.
She attends committee meetings, making notes and distributing them to committee members in a very timely fashion!
She also responds to general enquiries sent to the JAVR email, providing information for interested parents and juniors.
Helen was the reigning JAVR Cake making champion 2016!