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JAVR 2K League

Now in its fifth year the monthly 2K event held at Southwick Country Park with a league format continues.

Everyone who runs at the event will be included in the league and any previous personal bests will be used when calculating scores.

The new league will start at the next event to be held on Saturday 30th Jan at 10am and will run through to the final event in December.  The event will be run using the following criteria:

1. Only JAVR 2K races held at Southwick country park will count towards the championship.

2. Points will be awarded under the following criteria:

a. 10 points for completing a race

b. 5 points for achieving a personal best time

c. 3 points for winning the race

d. 2 points for achieving second place

e. 1 point for achieving third place.

3. A maximum of 18 points will be awarded to any individual in any race.

4. Your BEST 9 results gained throughout the year will be used to determine final league positions.

5. Tables will be sorted by gender using the following criteria:

a. Total points achieved (best 9 only) will be the main criteria

In the event of a tie, the following additional criteria will be used.

b. Total improvement in personal best

c. Total number of times a new personal best is set

d. Total number of times run

e. Current personal best

6. Awards will be allocated at an end of season presentation event for the following categories:

a. Top 3 runners in both the Boys and Girls category

b. Most improved Boy and Girl runner throughout the season

c. Runner achieving the most personal best times

d. Age group course records set during the year.

7. In the event of a tie for any of the above awards the criteria used in item 4 will be used.

We hope you will all enjoy the new championship season and look forward to seeing you all on the starting line ready to aim for those personal bests.